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Brandon Vinson: Dad's Interview Part 1

The 2005 WVOC Interview Part 1

Over the last couple years, the Unfinished Files Investigation Unit has been reexamining many aspects of the Brandon Vinson Case.

There are many and substantial and troubling issues with the case. Several questions remain about other people who may have been involved, and the investigation itself.

After Calen Radwill's plea was accepted in 2005, Brandon's father, Tim Vinson, Calen's Attorney John Delgado, and then Solicitor Trey Gowdy appeared on WVOC to talk about the case.

RECAP: In 1995, 15-year-old Brandon Vinson went to his job at the Win-Dixie in Redbank. At some point in the afternoon, he left the store. The circumstances of him leaving are not widely known - only by the people who were involved.

3 days later, his body was found stabbed 72 times in Lexington County.

Investigators developed a suspect by the name of Calen Radwill, and he was charged with Brandon's death. After 10 years in custody, he took what is called an Alford Plea, meaning he would serve another 10 years, and was eventually released in 2015.

The Investigation Unit of the Unfinished Files continues to re-evaluate the case, evidence, and other matters related to the case.

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