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The Unfinished is a cold case investigation group that works with victims and families of crimes that have gone cold or are unfinished.  The Unfinished Files is also a podcast and television show hosted by Tyler Ryan that discusses cold and high profile cases.
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The Unfinished Files and Eagle Cold Case / Missing Person Institute are a non-profit investigative and journalism organization examining major cold and missing person cases.

Unfinished Criminal Investigators are skilled professionals who are very experienced in various aspects of investigative techniques, tools, and process.

Our story tellers and hosts not only have extensive broadcast experience, but many years as criminal investigators.

Armed with knowledge and expertise, The Unfinished works with law enforcement, journalists, families, victims, and even suspects to help find closure, recount events, and give much needed peace.



Tyler Ryan
Investigative Journalist -Criminal Investigator
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Tyler Ryan is an award winning television and radio personality, investigative journalist, and experienced criminal investigator, with over twenty years in law enforcement. 

Brian Setree
Private Investigator-Criminal Investigator
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Brian Setree is a law enforcement veteran with nearly thirty years experience.  He is also a private investigator and the founder of Setree Investigations, located in Lexington, South Carolina.

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